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{Book Review} #ChristianTheology -- Never Settle for Normal by Jonathan Parnell

Never Settle for Normal The Proven Path to Significance and HappinessJonathan Parnell Publisher: Multnomah Publication Date: July 18, 2017Genres: Religion, Christian Theology, Apologetics
We’re All Glory-Chasers and Pleasure-Seekers

Every human wants to matter and be happy, which is as it should be. God made us to resemble and reflect His worth as we enjoy our true identity in Him.

But we too often swap that calling for the trifles of this world, pursuing cheap substitutes to fill the craving of our souls. As Jonathan Parnell puts it, we settle for “stupid normal” over the transcendent, even though this world can never satisfy our hopes and dreams.

In Never Settle for Normal Jonathan speaks to the heart of both skeptics and searchers by addressing their deepest longings. With insight and passion, he examines the key tenets of Christian faith—creation, fall, redemption, new creation—and reveals the life-changing glory of the Christian story in a fresh, new light.

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