Sunflowers, Murders, and a Giraffe

Takedown Twenty - Janet Evanovich

In Takedown Twenty, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum tracks down a killer who is leaving old women in a dumpster and unravels the mystery behind a roaming giraffe seen on the streets of Trenton. Takedown Twenty centers on Stephanie working with Morelli, Ranger, and Lula, as they seek to capture the sunflower killer.  

The book begins with Stephanie and Lula looking for "Uncle Sunny", an influential mobster wanted for murder who jumped bail.

As Stephanie remains in conflict with her romantic feelings for Ranger and Morelli, she explores the world of funerals, bingo games and online gaming with her idiosyncratic Grandma Mazur by her side. Along the way, she also works a short-lived period with the local butcher, who longs to get “to know” her.

The story climaxes when Grandma Mazur goes missing. In the end, Grandmother Mazur is too much for the old man's heart, who was “stiff” long before rigor mortis set in. The old man had been luring mature women into sexual escapades, murdering them and brusquely dumping their bodies in the trash. 

In traditional cozy mystery style, the murders were not graphic. Moreover, they were balanced with the author’s classic style and hilarious characters. This does not downplay the seriousness of the plot.

Major Themes
Serial job-quitting
Love life issues

Side Effects
Questioning the innocence of older men with canes

Recommended for
Women considering career changes
Mature (older) women considering entering the dating scene