Between The Covers - What Makes A Book Worth Reading

While reading The Murder of Mary Russell, I chanced up many questions. One of which centers on the contents of a good book.

What makes a book worth reading?

The answer to this question lies solely in my reason for reading. Some days, I am longing for inspiration, whereas on others, I am in desperate need of an escape, emotional or mental. Nevertheless, it seems, as of late, a good book must offer me:

1. A lyrical vision of survival amidst sheer impossibility - allowing me to see one, even if fictitious, can climb out of any situation.

2. A deep plunge into the world of new words and phrases - teaching me new ways to express myself.

3. A pleasant excursion - enabling me to travel without leaving home.


Writerly Yours said…
This is an interesting post - leaves the reader pondering about many things. :)