Bloggers Recognition Award

Recently, I was nominated for The Bloggers Recognition Award by Chantel DeCosta of My Jamaican Vignettes. Here blog is amazing!

While I have not been blogging for long, I have learned quite a few lessons from fellow bloggers.

This meager book blog started in January 2016. During a dry spell, I realized that I needed a way to channel my thoughts on books and other novel literary concepts. Along the way, I joined a book club for bloggers, partnered with Eidelweiss, NetGalley, and Blogging for Books.

Have I become overwhelmed? Oh my, yes!!! I have so many written drafts for all the books I have devoured. Yet, as a perfectionist, they are not here for your reading pleasure. Hence, I have some advice for new book bloggers: FIND YOUR OWN VOICE! (Yes, I yelled that!)

Finding your voice sounds cliché. But, it is true. Having read so many blogs, I have tried different strategies. None of them were sustainable because they were not me.

There are so many blogs I could recommend for this chain blog award. Here are the ones I like the most! A wonderful literary blog. Check her out! Check out these tales from a suburban mom! From the town of the best college (yea, I graduated from Hood College!), check out this blog!


Writerly Yours said…
You said it right, Erica - finding your own voice is very important to be heard in this world full of so many blogs. Congratulations on the award ! :)