5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Book Blog Current

Keeping our book blogs up-to-date is an important aspect of blogging. Regular blog readers expect new posts on a regular basis. Not all of our visitors may expect to see a new post daily; but, they may wish to see something new at least weekly. As blog owners, it is important to know what our readers expect. (If you are a new blogger like myself, you probably have little to no followers. This is the perfect time to determine what frequency works for you.)

As a reader, I often wondered what I should post, especially since I prefer reading to blogging. I decided to post not only about the books I am reading; but, also about blogging, the scenes or topics discussed in the books, as well as review articles and other book reviews.

Through my Book Blogging Bootcamp, I learned five tips for keeping my book blog up-to-date and how to apply to my new strategy.

Tip 1: Schedule blocks of time

One foolproof was to ensure your blog remains current is to schedule time to publish a post daily. When we allocate blocks of time each day to researching, writing, editing, and publishing, we are more likely to have a healthy blog, unlike those who blog when the mood strikes.

Tip 2: Keep a tickler file of ideas

Write down, text, or email yourself ideas as they come. For example, while reading, we may come across a topic we wish to explore and consider writing a post about it.

Tip 3: Use an editorial calendar

Consider using Google Calendar, or your favorite calendar. As an editorial calendar, we can use these tools to record what we wish to post about. We can even write down when we want to post our book reviews.

Tip 4: Leverage the power of publishing tools

Blog platforms enable us to write blog posts ahead of time and specific a date and time for publishing. This is an excellent feature if, after using the scheduling tip and editorial calendar, we learn to can write posts in batches.  As book bloggers who prefer to spend time reading, it be helpful to dedicate a block of time each week to write posts and have the them published throughout the week.

Tip 5: Invite guest bloggers and authors 

This is a more advanced tip. It worth the time to consider inviting authors and other book bloggers to post as a way to keep our blog current and healthy.  If you choose this option, be aware that some readers may be turned off by this, as they want to hear from you,  not someone else. With that being said, it is important to note the use of a guest bloggers may prove to be detrimental to your blog, even more than not updating it.  One way to use this tip effectively is to sprinkle guest posts throughout the month and monitor the traffic to the post.