About Flow and Book Reviewing

Have you ever read a book review that made you literally want to purchase the book? Do you find yourself wondering how other book reviewers pump out so many New York Times worthy reviews?

Critical reading and reviewing is an intellectual task, requiring creativity and a basic understanding of literary theory and criticism.

The question remains: how do you find your "reviewing zone"?

As passionate readers, we process massive amounts of information, while combining through novels, our reading notes on character and plot development. Moreover, we are developing ideas, researching, and even considering how we are going to frame the review on Goodreads and Amazon.

Just like authors are taught to have a muse, we too must have one. We must enter into the zone where our ideas and sheer brilliance flow as the babbling brook from our brains and into our fingertips.

The optimal state of consciousness exists when our inhibitions have excited the stage. Here, nothing distracts us.