Book Review: Psychoanalysis

PsychoAnalysis is gritty, gruesome story of a female serial killer, who does not quite meet the standard profile.

With searing hatred toward men, and questionable disdain toward animals and male children, Sarah, as she likes to call herself, combines the criminal tendencies of Hannibal, Dommer, Gacy, and Bundy.

Have you ever looked at psychiatrists with a questionable gaze? This story also profiles a celebrity psychiatrist, portraying the sick and twisted side of the profession. This, alone, could be a great next story for Stone.

The structural development of the novel was incandescent, lighting the way through a curvy tunnel of details that only the purposeful reader can capture and piece together. Some readers may enter the story and feel the build up is slow. Only the curious reader, accompanied with an interest in crime fiction, will stick with the story as they piece together the puzzle.

Considering the question of relatability, Stone’s characters may remind you of someone you know. Perhaps, she is sitting next to you, or may be reading this. Brilliant and beautiful, Sarah is dangerous and you would not be able to sense her predatory tendencies. The psychiatrist could not even do so, until it was too late.

V.R. Stone
About the author

V.R Stone is the author of psychological crime thriller PsychoAnalysis. The book is set in London, where he lives and works. He also holds a degree in Psychology.

V.R. has always buried himself in stories – films, books, TV – so it seemed natural to make up some of his own. The real world is boring, he'd rather live in the more exciting one that exists on screen or on the page!