Short Book Review: The Candidate

The Candidate is a political thriller novel about a hard-hitting journalist who uncovers the brainwashing of a presidential candidate into being an unwitting puppet for China. A journalist who finds herself pulling on the small thread of instinct, unraveling a vast conspiracy. Played out as a "man-in-peril", The Candidate presents a quest narrative similar to those seen in mysteries.

Erica Sparks uncovers a conspiracy and encounters many difficulties ascertaining the truth. Interestingly, the conspiracy involves a controversial theory of human indoctrinated in a manner leading to the impairment of autonomy, independent thinking, and false attachments.

Star of GNN the top-rated news show, Erica has come across something that doesn’t feel quite right: the affect of Presidential Candidate Mike Ortiz. Unraveling the very tight web, woven by his wife and best friend, Erica fights to bring the truth to the American voters.

Released in October 2016, The Candidate timely broaches the concepts of psychological warfare and the effect of other countries on presidential candidates.