Two Creative Linkedin Group Features To Share Your Blog

LinkedIn is a terrific traffic source when used correctly.

What if you think your niche doesn't fit Linkedin?

You could actually test out your niche with LinkedIn group to see if it will work.

As a new blogger, who actually blogs about books a little differently than other book bloggers, I do not have any followers, nor do I know of anyone who does it this way.  So, I was wondering how I could increase the  feeling of community with others who write literary critiques.

Facebook groups are a little messy for me.The Goodreads groups look clunky!

Here are some features of LinkedIn Groups, that are not available on Facebook.

A. Weekly Announcement Email -Once you create a group on LinkedIn, you can email group members once a week to their personal email inbox they used to register their account with LinkedIn.

B. Featured Conversations: Another awesome feature of LinkedIn groups is the ability to decide which discussion posts get featured.