Boredom and the need for a another good book

Another day of sheer boredom at work. Well, it is not necessarily boring, it is just I don't have anything structured to do with my time. I do adore reading, but not, perhaps, as much as I thought. Do you true readers use each and every moment to dispense a few morsels of their current read into their lives? Perhaps, I have not found the book that completely grabs me.

Sure, I could post a book review. But, who really wants to read about a book that I wanted to toss across the room? Recently, I read three books that I made me want to hurl my Kindle out the window. Seriously, I was angry that I had spent time reading those books! I read a lot and I do not come across a lot of books that I want to share with others. Why? Because I feel like some books are for pure entertainment and did not convey a message. Well, ok...they did convey a message: waste time reading about a silly antics of totally unbelievable characters.  You know, these could be like the mind numbing cartoons and sitcoms on today. But even they have a message. Think Sponge Bob or Bob's Burgers.

Sure, I could post about some other book blogs I have come across lately. But, why? Even they don't move me. I am the odd book blogger who wants to dive into a book that teaches and shares a needed story. Authors, at least the ones I have come across, do not do this often.

I recently read a novel by Sadeqa Johnson. Now, this novel moved me in a way I could not express enough in words. I want to shout from the roof of my house: READ THIS BOOK! The heroine of the story taught me a lesson, that sadly I had not learned. Women need more than a husband and family. We need true, genuine best female friends. I saw in the relationship between Bea and her BFF what I have been longing for. I would love to chat with Sadeqa about her novel and what inspired her to write this story. I can dream, right?

Another book that has moved me is Small Great Things. No, I haven't posted a review on this book. As I sit here and reflect on the concept of racism, I wonder if Jodi realized what she was doing. Of course, she described her motivation for the novel, which was quite interesting. But, did she really understand that she was opening the window for reviewers and journalists to tie various works by white authors, who write about racism, to the today's intense racial climate? As a black female, I applaud them for discussing the topic. I just want to take it further. Consider for a moment comparing and contrasting a white author's portrayal of racism and that of a black author's. How would this play out? Well, that is exactly what I am working on. I read a significant amount of urban fiction and wonder what similar concepts black authors illustrate, only to have them perceived differently.