Author Spotlight: J.D. Mason


"I've been writing like a crazy person for the last six months but I'm not complaining. If I weren't a storyteller, I'd be sitting on a park bench somewhere, talking to myself, high on coffee and hostess cupcakes. Look for my new e-book original novella series, Hart Breaker, Stone Cole, and Stormy Knight, in early 2016, and my next novel, The Real Mrs. Price, being released May 24, 2016." --J.D.

J.D. Mason has been writing professionally for more than a decade, beginning with her first novel "And On The Eighth Day She Rested" which she self-published, not once, but twice. Since then, Mason has gone on to sign with a New York City publisher and has penned a popular series based off of her second book, "One Day I Saw A Black King". J.D.'s work has been featured in Today's Black Woman, Essence, Denver's Urban Spectrum, and Jewel Magazine. Her books have consistently been selected as main selections for the Black Expressions Bookclub and have been and has appeared on bestseller lists in the Denver Post, Dallas Morning News, Black Expressions Book Club, and J.D. currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and is hard at work on her next novel.

Excerpt from "Happily Ever After" Interview with Joyce Lamb

Joyce: Welcome to HEA, J.D.! Please tell us a bit about your new release, The Real Mrs. Price.
J.D.: I received an e-mail from my editor’s assistant one day asking for a synopsis of what my next book was going to be about. She needed to know for a meeting that they were going to have the following day. So, I grabbed a title out of thin air and built the story from that. The Real Mrs. Price was a title that inspired a ton of ideas. If there was this “other” Mrs. Price, then maybe there was another one. Hence, two Mrs. Prices, one missing husband and murder. The only thing missing was Mr. Tall, Dark, Dangerous and Mysterious. And voilĂ ! There you have it.
Joyce: Is there an idea out there that you wish you’d thought of?
J.D.: I once saw something on the Internet where someone suggested that someone write a book where the character in the book told the story of the reader. It sounded like something along the lines of The Neverending Story, which was one of my favorite movies.
Another idea I wish I’d have come up with first was L.A. Banks’ Vampire Huntress series, but I couldn’t have done it justice the way she did. But I love the idea of a black vampire slayer.  Read more at Interview: J.D. Mason, author of ‘The Real Mrs. Price’

J.D. Mason Talks to at BEA 2008 

Q: Describe your writing life? Noisy, quiet at 3 am?Coffee, tea or a smoothie? Just describe the setting
A:It's certainly not glamorous. i'll take quiet if I can get it. Coffee is usually a requirement since it stimulates brain cells. But I've learned to write just about anywhere at anytime now, which is good. I have a she-cave/office which is currently being occupied by my recently graduated from college daughter that was my zen space, but now it's just a messy room, so, I'm looking forward to the day when I can get it back because it was perfect.

Q: What is your favorite under-appreciated novel? Why?
A: There are a few, actually. That Devil's No Friend of Mine. It was one of the most richly told stories I'd ever done, filled with a lot of complex issues not usually addressed in commercial fiction; i.e., domestic violence in which the man is being abused. The other is Crazy, Sexy, Revenge, which is the third book in a 3 book series (Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and Drop Dead, Gorgeous). A lot of folks dropped off after the 2nd book and to get the crux of the entire premise, Crazy, Sexy, Revenge is absolutely necessary to close it out.

Q: Who or what inspires your characters? Are they based off of people you know or your imagination?
A: I always make them up from scratch. It's more fun that way and there are no boundaries or limits to the characters born of my imagination. The characters are far more interesting if they're made up and I can take liberties with them that I wouldn't feel comfortable doing if they were based on real people. I don't have to worry about trespassing on someone's real life experiences with made up people.

Q: Several of your stories, including the one you have coming out is set in Blink, Texas. Is that a real place, and if it is, why do you have the stories set there?
A: It's not real, to my knowledge. But Blink, Texas was introduced in a book called Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, and has since gone on to become like it's own character. It's pretty much patterned after any small Texas town. I'm from a small town in Texas and the is nothing like small town drama. It's larger than life.

Q: Is there another Genre that you would like to write in?
A:Yeah, I'm trying to kick off a paranormal series featuring black werewolves.

Q: You've written anthologies with several authors including Victor McGlothin, Sandra Kitt, Jacqueline Thomas, Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Bernice McFadden, Brian W. Smith and Pamela Samuels Young. Is there someone you would like to write with in the future?
A:I don't think I'll ever do anymore collaborative efforts because they're so challenging. But I guess, if I could write with anyone, I'd choose Eric Jerome Dickey. He's brilliant.

Let’s chat about The Real Mrs. Price!

Q: Is The Real Mrs. Price a stand-alone, or do you have another book(s) I should read first?
A:It's a standalone, but Plato first briefly appears in other books. I can't remember if he first showed up in Drop Dead, Gorgeous or Crazy, Sexy, Revenge.

Q: There is a lot of mentions of Voodoo in the story, The Real Mrs. Price. Was that something you had to research, or something you were familiar with?
A: I did do some research, but most of it was made up. I researched the parts about tossing bones, and black gypsies mentioned about Shou Shou.

Q: How did the idea of bigamy come about when writing this novel?
A:It came through the title, which I came up with first. I think the original title was something like The Two Mrs. Price's or something like that. I thought it'd be interesting to have two women, very different from each other, married to the same man, who ended up either dead or missing. Then the question would be, what happened to him? Who killed him?

 The hotter-than-Texas e-serial continues!

Ellis Brewer is a free man and is, surprisingly, the darling in the international art world. After seven long years in prison, he found refuge in his paintings and in the old farm house his late grandfather left to him in his will. No longer the hot-headed trouble maker he'd once was, Ellis is a loner and prefers to keep it that way. But when an old friend calls in a favor and asks Ellis to agree to an interview with a beautiful freelance reporter, Ellis throws caution to the wind and finds a love he never felt he deserved.

Christina Cole prides herself on her insightful and thorough reporting skills. When she gets an opportunity to interview the recluse and rising star Ellis Brewer-devastatingly good-looking and charming down to every last one of his ex-con fingertips-she soon realizes that she's getting way more than she bargained for. Cristina came to Blink, Texas with every intention of uncovering all of his demons, but it's not long before Ellis turns the tables, and begins to unravel her deepest, darkest secrets, exposing the most vulnerable part of her heart and proving to him that she needs him, body and soul.

 J. D. Mason's Hot Blink, Texas series reached the boiling point...

Omar Reid is about to make the biggest leap in his career. As the City Planner for the town of Blink, Texas, he is spearheading the building of a megastore in place of an old strip mall will have the cash flowing like water downhill. There's just one problem-Lola Knight won't have it. A fiery woman with big dreams, she's worked hard to own her own business and pursue her dreams, and without her piece of the property, the megastore goes nowhere. As their heated arguments lead to steamy encounters, Omar and Lola both know that, despite being opposites, their attraction is off the charts. But some key players aren't willing to to see the deal fall apart, and will stop at nothing to keep the wheels in motion, leaving Omar and Lola to fight for what's right and fight for each other.

 "A heart-pounding and terrifyingly awesome story!" - RT Book Reviews Top Pick on The Real Mrs. Price
Lucy Price is living the American dream. She has been married to her successful husband and businessman, Edward Price for a year and couldn’t be happier until she learns that Eddie is a dangerously ruthless man, heavily involved in illegal activities that threaten not only her marriage, but her life. Eddie abruptly disappears, but not before warning Lucy that if she wants to keep breathing she'd better keep her mouth shut. Six months later, word of her husband surfaces when she learns that he is presumed murdered in a small Texas town, apparently killed by his “wife”, Marlowe Price.

Marlowe is no stranger to trouble. An outcast in her own community for being one of those "hoodoo women," who can curse you or cast you under her beguiling spell, Marlowe is shunned at every turn. Six months ago, a whirlwind romance in Mexico led Marlowe to marry the man she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with. For Marlowe and Eddie, there is no such thing as trouble in paradise. But late one night, when Marlowe witnesses her husband putting the body of a dead man in the trunk of his car, the illusion comes crashing down around her and she knows she has to move fast before the devil comes calling once again.

Now, Lucy and Marlowe must come together to find out where and who Eddie really is, and help each other through the threat he poses. There's nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned...except for two women scorned who are willing to put their pasts behind them and band together to take one bad man down...

The only thing hotter than Texas is the romance in J. D. Mason's brand-new e-series!

Farrah Hart has made her escape. Running from a violent ex, she finds her way home to Blink, TX. With nothing but the clothes on her back, Farrah hopes to lay low at her abandoned childhood home until she can get back on her feet. But when an eviction notice comes in the most dangerously handsome of packages, Farrah might just need someone to lean on after all...

Jackson Burris can't believe Farrah is in his house. The last thing he ever expected to see was the gorgeous girl all the Texas boys-including him-crushed on years ago, standing in the doorway. But she needs a place to stay that isn't a run-down house, and his place is much cozier, much hotter. But as the nights grow darker with passion, demons from both their pasts close in, and Farrah and Jackson have to give in to love, in order to not break apart.