Diary Entry #1

8:20 AM 3/8/2017

When I read urban fiction books, I am often taken aback by the content, as well as the lack of editing.  (I will write to you later about the horrendous editing and the pimps who say they edit!!)

Who is the author's intended reader? I mean, really!? Who will actually want to read about the murderous drama of gold-digging whores and pitiful dope boys? Sure, there are some who like this flaky stuff for sheer entertainment. I think they read it to laugh at the mess these people have made of their lives.

Do the authors ever wish to have your books read by students in classrooms?  I am not sure the authors are thinking beyond the potential millions they think will be sold. Further, I am not even sure they think beyond typing the manuscript. (Maybe I will write to you later and explore the reasons these authors write. Some are pretty good. Others, well...they need to back away slowly from the keyboard!)

While most urban fiction stories contain timeless stories of the inner-city life, they do not challenge the reader to think beyond the pages. That being said, why not delve deeper into the psychology of the inner-city life? There are plenty of issues that could be presented. What about the plight of the black woman to climb out of the life her own mother created for her? What about the struggles of black men who have sadly been arrested and want to turn their lives around, only to be hit with the slamming doors of rejection?

Lay to rest the drug dealers and their promiscuous, materialistic girlfriends. Yes, this is may be a part of the urban scene, but it is not the entire story. Talk about what goes on beneath the surface.

As it is, the current stories misrepresent the black community and black authors. And frankly, I am tired of it.

Talk with you later.