April Freebie Fair: Excerpt from Rebel’s Blade by Frost Kay

Rebel’s Blade by Frost Kay

Kindle Edition, 342 pages
Published March 8th 2017

Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Mass and Elise Kova.

War. Secrets. Betrayal.

Nothing is black and white.

Secretly trained, swordsmith Sage Blackwell steps up to run her family’s forge when her father falls ill. Sage desires to help the neglected Aermians but is bound by duty to provide for her own…Until, that is, she’s offered a chance to make a difference.


Sage knows the risks; imprisonment or death, and yet, she’s still willing to take them to protect her family. But when plans unravel, Sage finds herself facing the devils themselves, her sworn enemies, the princes of Aermia.


Tehl Ramses is drowning; crops are being burned, villages pillaged, and citizens are disappearing, leading to a rising rebellion. As crown prince, and acting ruler, Tehl must find a way to crush the rebellion before civil war sweeps through his beloved kingdom. He’ll do whatever is necessary to save his people. Yet, his prisoner is not at all what he expected.


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This was it.

Escape was impossible and death inevitable.

Leering men surrounded her; the stench of their rotting teeth and filthy clothing assaulted her senses. Black spots dotted her vision as she struggled to maintain consciousness. She couldn’t let herself slip away though, or think of what they’d do if she did.

Sage had been trained for this sort of thing, had been told pain was in the mind and, while she could push some of it away, her body was only so strong. It was impossible to remain unaffected. She blinked, clearing the tears and blood from her eyes, only to catch the dark, empty ones of her captor studying her with amusement, seeming to enjoy her every wince or whimper. Biting the inside of her cheek she steeled herself; she would not give him the satisfaction.

If by some miracle she made it through this alive, he was on her list.

Her body screamed in pain as someone pushed her forward, her toes skimming the floor seeking purchase. Her hands, slick with sweat, slipped from the chains, shifting the entirety of her weight onto her manacled wrists. The metal bit into her abused flesh, though she had thankfully lost feeling in them some time ago. Tremors now wracked her nearly naked body.

How much longer could she hold on?

She peered at the ringleader, a sadistic man named Serge. He appeared to be moving his lips, yet all she heard was the high-pitched ringing in her ears. The edges of her vision blurred, and every sound seemed distorted—almost as if she was underwater. She would die here and her family would never know where to find her. Bitterness and regret then filled her. She should have killed the crown prince when she had the chance. This was his doing, she knew it. If she made it out alive, she would bring Aermia down around his ears.

My name is Frost Kay. I am the fantasy author of Rebel's Blade, the first book in The Aermians Feuds series. I love all things book, and my favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast (the best fairy tale in my opinion). Funny enough, I don't care for Ariel, but secretly I wish I were a mermaid. I have a penchant for red lipstick and a not so secret addiction to sour skittles.

I tend to mutter and squint at absolutely nothing. Before you say peace out this girl is cray cray, you should know I am not totally crazy. It usually means I am imagining fantastical worlds with characters you will fall in love with, and plots that will leave you breathless.

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