Book Review: The Leshy by N.C. Stow

Kindle Edition, 12 pages
Published November 26th 2016

Praise for The Leshy

"It's like a snowflake melting on your tongue. Pure to taste, transient in nature but memorable nonetheless."
"It's entertaining and poetically written with great imagery." 
"It's like hard drugs for dyslexic literature lovers. It goes straight into the bloodstream and heightens your senses."       

"The Leshy" is a short fantasy story inspired by Russian folklore, where spirits of home and nature govern the lives of men and the passing of seasons.

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Stow weaves Russian folklore and the sheer impermanence of life into a darkly sweet fairytale.

This story shed light, albeit a dim one, on the power of nature, where the coldest season wields its deadly fortitude. Moreover, the story emcompasses several cosmopolitan beliefs, where the seasons and natural elements are seen as divine beings.

While these beliefs can be inferred, the essence of the story  boils down to the sweet significance of Mavka understanding her unique place in the world. Stow guides the reader through an effusive jaunt, providing poetic glimpses of Mavka and her internal motivation. 

The Leshy is a dark fairytale, skillfully written to engage the reader with careful depictions and connections to Russian folklore and Slavic mythology. It gently falls into the high fantasy genre, as the plot revolves around the mystical nature of the environment in which Mavka resides and creates a mythical explanation for that environment. 


I was born and raised in Siberia. The immensity of space there is something I remember most acutely. My passion for languages has been a determining factor in many of my life choices. Today I speak French at work, Russian at home, and I write novels and short stories in English.