Book Review: Leaves of Fire by Michael B. Koep

Leaves of Fire
Michael B. Koep
Part Two of the Newirth Mythology
Published by: Will Dreamly Arts
Publication date: June 6, 2017
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Imagine paintings that hold the secrets to the meaning of life and death—or scribbled words that can alter the past and reshape the present. We know art imitates life but in Michael B. Koep’s thriller fiction trilogy, the author brings the arts to life in an action-packed tale spanning seven centuries. In the spring of 1338, young William of Leaves knows only of remedies, herbs and his mother’s kindness. When he is forced to watch as she is dragged to a witch’s pyre by a mob led by the Bishop of London, the mysterious immortal apothecary, Albion Ravistelle, promises the boy a chance at vengeance. In present day, psychologist Loche Newith and Julia Iris must come to terms with Loche’s prophetic writings that have changed the course of history and shaped the lives of William, Helen, and countless others. As a war breaks out between the immortals on earth and Albion Ravistelle, Loche must accept the realities he has authored and cross over into death—he must enter again into Basil Fenn’s paintings to find a way to end the conflict. In Part Two of The Newirth Mythology, Leaves of Fire, Koep entwines these lives and lifetimes as he explores myth, memory, revenge and the hope of forgiveness.

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Koep's Leaves of Fire is a brilliant thrilling mystery filled with fantasy-inspired fast-paced adventures. His masterful use of words yanks the reader inside a maddening, yet beautiful mythological world.  

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

About the Author

Michael B. Koep has been called an Inland Northwest "Renaissance Man." He is the author of Parts One and Two of the Newirth Mythology, The Invasion of Heaven and Leaves of Fire. An avid world traveler, educator, accomplished visual artist and touring rock musician, Michael's spirit is imbued in the arts. He is a co-founder of a North Idaho fencing consortium, but he is best known as a drummer and lyricist for the progressive rock group KITE, as well as the percussionist for the variety power trio The RUB. He is a winner of a Costello Poetry Prize.

He lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with his wife and son.