Book Spotlight: Invisible Empire by Erica Hale

Invisible Empire
Erica Hale
Publication Date: January 11, 2017
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

 After leaving the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, Scarlette Preston assumed that she had left all her demons behind. But what returns is her former partner and a home invader trying to kill her. The justice in her attempted murder she understands, she thought she’d been careful how did someone find out her secret. 
Now back in the fold, she and Agent Ethan Montgomery go all across the Southern states to find a vigilante group. A group set out to do what the justice system failed to do. What marching and protest couldn’t fix. What mother’s tears couldn’t extinguish. Making justice up by their own rules, killing law enforcement agents that have murdered unarmed African-Americans. 
Now with two supremacist groups, an ex-boyfriend and secrets that can tear everything apart. Scarlette must juggle all of this, stay alive, and expose the Invisible Empire. 

About Erica
Erica hails from from Washington State. She's been writing her thoughts and feelings on paper forever. Erica is currently, living in Nashville, TN with my supportive husband and fury Fox Terrier, Razzi.

She cordially invites you to the world the wonderful people in my head inhabit. They have haunted , made her laugh-made her think-and took complete control of her life. She hopes that you  find the humor, the sadness and the love in them as much as she has.