Read More With Audiobooks

I have been listening to more audio books thanks to Audible and Overdrive. I love listening to audiobooks.

While some equate an audiobook to a “real” book, others sometimes say things like  "That's not really reading, is it?" or  "listening to audiobooks is cheating."

Is it really cheating? Does it count as reading?

The answer stems from your definition of reading. If reading is understanding the content of the story or the theme, then audiobooks win. Reading is about understanding the message, thinking critically about the content, employing the imagination, and making connections.

Here are some ways you can use audio books.

  1. Introduce yourself to books you would not ordinarily read 
  2. Learn the art of critical listening 
  3. Introduce yourself to new genres 
  4. Learn new vocabulary or difficult names or locales 
  5. Tackle unfamiliar dialects or accents, Old English, and old-fashioned literary styles 
  6. Learn a read-aloud model (good for parents like me) 
  7. Provide a bridge to important topics of discussion for book clubs

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