At 2am, life on Cherry Lane had been replaced with fear and anxiety. 

Seeking familiarity, Pandora wandered into another part of Florida only to be captured by a militarized alien species. 

Replaying in her mind the various moments of her experience, she recalls the exact moment she saw a suspicious metal object slip from her captor’s hand. 

Dora and her refugees tour through the labyrinth of insurrection, battling hunger and fatigue.

Expressing extreme apprehension and the uncertainty of survival, stories of hope are shared, mentally tumultuous events in a post-apocalyptic world. 

Held captive by vicious bargains and falling prey to addiction, Dora sojourns the slippery road of freedom and servitude, as she epitomizes the concept of “separate but equal” and leverages strategic survival skills.

From witness murder to surviving sexual abuse, Dora has decided to laboriously chronicle her tale of survival, recounting her early childhood and providing insight into her thoughts and how she battles living on the precipice of insanity.

Nailbiters will have you suspiciously observing those who, with much grace and intensity, proffer the delicate flesh of their fingertips as a sacrifice to the edges of licentious teeth. 

Nailbiters is a 2015 American science fiction literary work written by MK Williams. Presenting a cyberpunk vision of a futuristic society driven by negative eugenics, a group of aliens destroy mainstream society focusing on advancing technological and scientific achievements juxtaposed with a radical and violent method in bringing about social order.

The book centers on Pandora, a 20 year-old former MMA and fitness instructor, who was able to avoid the one key element of the Porthana-designed eugenics program and struggles to survive a series of events leading to the demise of acquaintances met along the journey to freedom. Robbed of her normal life, she is given the chance to remain unique at the expense of her solidarity and freedom of choice, if she submits to the urges of her various captors.

Logo from the Second International Eugenics Congress, 1921
This tale draws on concerns of utilizing artificial intelligence set in a post-apocalyptic world designed to control humans when their emotions being to fray.  Williams skillfully incorporates the use of tracking devices, which indirectly facilitate eugenics, and the possible consequences of such technological developments for society.

Exploring concepts such as self-harm, social anthropology, and sociopsychological effects of captivity, this classically written cyberpunk work presents a cast of marginalized characters living in a dystopic future, where their daily lives are significantly impacted by rapid technological change. Characters in Nailbiters strive to survive and find their place in this datasphere of computerized control, on account of an invasive modification of their fingertip. 

Williams expertly uses traditional elements of detective fiction and postmodernist prose to describe the nihilistic underground side of the Porthana’s electronic society.

Like most cyberpunk protagonists, Pandora is manipulated, placed in precarious situations where, with little choice of her own, manages to come out unscathed, though not any further ahead. Sort of an anti-heroine, Williams uses Pandora to channel the Sherlockian-mindset, which may appeal to mystery fiction lovers, while still emphasizing the misfit component of the cyberpunk genre and Orwellian accumulations of power by a group of rogue aliens. 


 Learn more about MK Williams at https://nailbitersnovel.com/



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