Book Review: The Convenient Cadaver (Grandma Bertha Solving Murders Book 1) by Matt Ferraz

The Convenient Cadaver
Matt Ferraz
Publication Date: May 7, 2017
Genre: Cozy Mystery
When Grandma Bertha moved to her son’s place, she brought along three dogs, several cases of beer and many, many horror film DVDs. While her daughter-in-law insists on the idea of sending Grandma Bertha to a retirement home, a dead girl appears near the house, shot three times in the back. Many years ago, Grandma Bertha let a murderer escape for not trusting in her own detective abilities. Now, armed with her wit and wisdom, she decides to solve that crime before the police. Could this crazy dog lady be a threat to a cold-blooded killer? And for how long can the family stand that situation? 
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Ferraz introduces us to 73-year old Grandma Bertha, a beer guzzling old lady with a dream of becoming a detective. Currently living with her son and his family, Bertha enjoys drinking beer and watching horror flicks, while basking in the company of her loving canine companions:Rufus, Castor, and Mustafar.

Then, ever so conveniently, a cadaver is found on the other side of the alley behind her garden shed located not far from Scotland Yard. Setting out to redeem herself, she is determined to solve this murder. Dismissed by the police, she performs her “senile” magic to get the information she needs to find the murderer.

Grandma Bertha reminds me a modern Miss Marple and Grandma Mazur (a Janet Evanovich character) rolled into one! She is resoundingly resilient and tenacious. Ferraz has created a cozy mystery masterpiece. With an excellent plot, interwoven with a few subplots, his story is intricate and just plain awesome.The story has several twists, with a few distracting clues. Yet, Grandma Bertha wasn’t distracted. Looking forward to what Grandma Bertha gets herself into now that she came across a body at the beach.

As cozy mysteries go, the Convenient Cadaver fits the genre perfectly. Lovers of this crime/mystery sub-genre will find this formulaic, yet unique story delightful. Bertha is intelligent, rational (despite what her daughter-in-law says), and very intuitive. Moreover, the details surrounding the murder are low-key, which is traditional in cozy mysteries.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest​ review. 

About the Author

Author of all trades, Matt Ferraz has written thrillers, sci-fi, cozy mysteries and a lot of witty e-mails that sadly can't be published. With a degree in journalism and a masters in biography, Matt has works published in English, Italian and Portuguese, and loves trying out new genres.

'Killing Dr. Watson' was released in March 2016 by MX Publishing. The book deals with TV series fandom, and follows the misadventures of a TV geek with no social life and a Sherlock Holmes actor past his prime who team up and become the most unusual detectives in the business.

With 'The Convenient Cadaver', Matt is starting the 'Grandma Bertha Solving Murders' series, starring an old lady who loves beer, dogs, horror movies and a good murder to solve. Grandma Bertha was based on Matt's own grandmothers and on an elderly friend, all of whom loved to be turned into a literary character.

Matt won't stop writing, and right now he's working on the next instalment of 'Grandma Bertha' and on a LitRPG book, which will be out next October.



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