Mini Book Review: Psychotic Imprisonment by Maryya Dean Rajkumar

Psychotic Imprisonment
Maryya Dean Rajkumar
Publisher: Maryya Dean Rajkumar
Publication Date: May 4, 2017
Genre: Memoir
‘I was five years old, with a story untold and here is how my story unfolds …’

Maryya Dean Rajkumar has had a lifelong struggle with bipolar and depression.

From a five-year-old to a wife and mother of four, Psychotic Imprisonment recounts tales of bullies, love, loss, possession and everything in-between, painting a detailed picture of what day-to-day life looks like when you’re suffering with mental health issues and spiritual connection, made all the clearer by Maryya’s frank and moving poetry.

In this touchingly haunting biography, follow Maryya through the challenges of her inspiring, extraordinary life and enjoy her natural skill for writing poems, which has become a therapeutic act and a method of coping with everything happening around her.

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Psychotic Imprisonment is a memoir addressing the subject of mental illness in women, specifically manic-depression. This poetic narrative recounts the author's struggles with depressive. Though saddening, this account provides hope for those who battle with mental illness and have survived suicide attempts.

It was then that it began: the silence, the buried feelings, me being so reserved; it was as if I lost my childhood and grew up so quickly.

The memoir also addresses the topic of the author's childhood. She reveals a childhood riddled with bullying, tainted with racism.

When I wasn’t being called Paki, the other name that got used was Mona Lisa.

Psychotic Imprisonment, while therapeutic for the author, can also help women struggling with mental illness. as it shows how While her narrative is poignant and poetic, it is not as gritty as I had hoped. When delving into the troubled mind, I seek honest and brutal descriptions of just how hyperbolic manic-depression can be.

‘A goldmine of words, a great sense of confusion, with every word I try to create the illusion.’

Perhaps she avoided providing vivid descriptions due to the pain that may resurface. However, this is not something one can just ignore when seeking to address an issue society tries to placate.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This review is the intellectual property of The Literary Apothecary.
Permission has not been granted for reuse of the content of this review. 

About Maryya 
Maryya Dean Rajkumar is a serial entrepreneur, She is a woman of much courage and faith that despite her suffering in past years, she has hold on and succeeded. At the age of 16 she started working as a sales assistant for a fashion boutique which grew her love for fashion and shapen her into becoming a fashion stylist as a time. Although she know little about fashion presently. When she was much younger she never had a pet friend of her own but she had love for "chimpanzees' yes you might be surprised, but that love grew from a fascinating story she had read which involves the transfer of the brain of a chimpanzee to that of a dying girl. She is a fan of hockey but never got the chance to play except during physical education in her secondary school days.

Maryya has faced alot in life that an ordinary human cant handle easily, in the course of her struggles thoughts of isolation,worthlessness, depression and even that of committing suicide dance around her head but she continued on the battle to stay strong and never gave up, which gave her the chance of writing a story about her life, letting the world know what she has passed through and how she has remain courageous and strong over time. Something amazing about the story " psychotic Imprisonment " is that it motivates the soul and stir up the minds of every reader. It also bring out different feeling in the readers mind, feeling of sadness,empathy, pity and courage.

Maryya Dean Rajkmar is the author of #1 United Kingdom bestselling novel "Psychotic Imprisonment" a novel that talks about her life history, her fears, strength, weaknesses and victories. With this book Maryya has been able to touch the life of others by helping people who suffers mental illnesses to know more better and raise awareness of the condition. This book "psychotic Imprisonment" is internationally recognized and is sold on

It took Maryya 3 months to built courage on writing this beautiful and motivating novel. Maryya has other future plans of writing a more detailed and dissected version of her book "Psychotic imprisonment" that will involve so many things including sexual abuse in children. Something interesting about Maryya is that she love being a mother and yes she is a beautiful mother and wife with four sound and healthy children that she loves so dearly. She is indeed a woman kind at heart and of Paramount wisdom.