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"Agonizingly beautiful and gut wrenching book that brings both joy and tears" 

- Book Enthusiast reviews

Feeble Connections
Love Connection Series .05
Meghana Sarathy
Publisher: Meghana Sarathy
Publication Date: May 28, 2017
Genre: Contemporary/Sports Romance
A charming Casanova- Brandon

A beautiful, sassy woman in search of true love- Jennifer

A cocky basketball player- Linden

Three lives, two best friends and one unique love story.

Feeble Connection spins the tale of two friends- Jennifer and Brandon, who meet in college. They were opposite on many grounds and yet perfect for one another. More so as best friends. The love that blossomed in their hearts never made it to their lips. It was Jennifer's lost hope or perhaps Brandon's ignorance to understand his own feelings that made him pave the way for Jennifer to meet Linden . He was very different from Brandon and yet he managed to steal her heart.

Can first love be truly forgotten?

Is second love truly that strong?

Is it even possible to love two people at same time?

*Due to sexual content and profanity, recommended for readers 18 +*

Other Books in the Love Connection Series

Love Connection ( Love Connection #1 )

I have a boyfriend, but he was never just my friend

I have a best friend, he never became my boyfriend and he also has a girlfriend.

My heart is split into two parts where each part beats for a different person

I want to spend most of my time with my boyfriend-Linden
But, every second spent with my best friend- Brandon, feels like a lifetime.

I want to see my Linden always smiling
But, Brandon always brings a smile on my face.

Linden breathes life into me
But, Brandon makes my heart to beat

I am Jennifer Collins. This is the story of my life. It's ugly, it's beautiful, it's filled with angst but the end is worth the turmoil.
You might like me, hate me, despise me or understand me
But you will get to live my story.

At last, I will ask you...........Will you be able to choose between the two?

Love Reconnection ( Love Connection #2 )

Brandon: I am back to claim the one who was always mine- My Gem

Linden: Now I will get to test your true loyalty, Jenny. It’s either me or him.

Brandon: I won’t let her suffer under Linden’s wrath. I will shower her with the happiness she deserves.

Linden: It’s pain that always tied us together. It will be the same pain that will set us free.

Brandon: It was always supposed to be Jennifer and Brandon. Linden ruined my chance.

Linden: She is the only one for me. It’s always been only her.

Brandon: It’s now or never. I won’t ever let her go. She is mine for keeps.

Linden: It’s too late for another chance and yet my life is in her hands.

Jennifer: Linden was slowly changing. He was beginning to trust me again, but Brandon is back and claims to love me. Have I really got a chance with my first love? Or should I keep my hopes high that Linden will give our relation another chance?
I am torn between the two again and this time I will finally have to make my choice.

About Meghana
Meghana V writes with the pen name Sagarika. She is from Bangalore, India. She is an avid reader. She mainly reads Adult and New Adult romance as well as dark and psychological thrillers. She plans on writing mainly for these genres.

She spends most of her free time reading, writing or watching anime. Depending on her mood, she tends to write two to three books at a time. She is a crazy fan of Dragonball Z and can be seen watching the episodes in repeat. Vegeta is her all time favourite character.

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