#BookLovers #BlogHop -- Topic of the Day: Book Giveaways

Question of the Day -- Do you enter book giveaways? Last prize you won?

Well, I entered two, but haven’t received the books. **frustrated sigh** This is beyond frustrating and has led me to not enter them. Perhaps, it was due to the size of the event.

Either way, check what some other bloggers have to say about entering book giveaways and the prizes won.

Tabitha Caplinger
I don’t enter them often. I have a lot of author friends and get a lot of chances to be on street teams or to receive ARC copies so I leave the giveaways alone. However, in the spring I entered one because I love Sara Ella and had just had the opportunity to interview her after reading Unblemished. I wanted to support her. It so happens I won. EEK! I got a signed hard cover of Unblemished and a paperback ARC of Unraveling. I never win anything so this was super exciting.

Just B. Jordan

I sometimes enter Goodreads giveaways, but not often. This spring I entered the Christian Book Box’s monthly giveaway. I never thought I’d win (I never had won a giveaway before), but I did! I got paperbacks of Mary Weber’s Storm Siren trilogy and S. D. Grimm’s Scarlet Moon.

Belinda Bekkers

I enter them all the time. The last prize I won was 5 pack of books related to business and self-development.

Laurie Lucking

I enter a lot of book giveaways, mostly through Facebook parties celebrating my author friends’ new releases. A few of the books I won most recently were paperback copies of New Name by A.C. Williams and The Darby Shaw Chronicles by Liberty Speidel.

Skye Hegyes
I have a lot of books listed in my want-to-read list on Goodreads, and any time there’s a giveaway for any of them, I enter it. I haven’t won anything yet, but I keep trying.

Jebraun Clifford

Facebook parties are a great place to win some swag. I recently won a poster from Kara Swanson’s FB party for her YA urban fantasy novella, The Girl Who Could See. And I’ve won a few e-books as well, which keep my Kindle stocked up with fantastic new reads.

Jo Linsdell
I don’t enter giveaways regularly but sometimes enter on Goodreads or rafflecopters on blog posts. I’ve won a few over the years, mostly ebooks but there have been some print copies too. A few I won but never got my prize. It’s been a while since I won one so honestly can’t remember which book it was.

Karina Fabian

I enter on occasion, but I can’t remember the last time I won. I have bad luck for that kind of thing. I think it’s because most of my luck got used in finding my husband, Rob Fabian. Which is the best use of luck ever!


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