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Next Stop, Chancey
Series: Chancey Books, Book 1
Kay Dew Shostak
Narrator: Suzanne Barbetta
Publisher: Kay Dew Shostak
Publication Date: December 22, 2016
Length: 10 hours and 8 minutes
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
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Looking in your teenage daughter's purse is never a good idea.

After all, it ended up with Carolina Jessup opening a bed & breakfast for railroad fanatics in a tiny Georgia mountain town. Carolina knows all about, and hates, small towns. How did she end up leaving her wonderful Atlanta suburbs behind while making her husband's dreams come true?

The town bully (who wears a lavender skirt and white gloves), an endless parade of teenagers through her house, and everybody's talk about a ghost have Carolina looking for an escape, or at least a way to move back home. Instead, she's front and center for all of Chancey's small town gossip.

Unlike back home in the suburbs with privacy fences and automatic garage doors, everybody in Chancey thinks your business is their business and they all love the newest Chancey business. The B&B hosts a Senate candidate, a tea for the county fair beauty contestants, and railroad nuts who sit out by the tracks and record the sound of a train going by. Yet, nobody believes Carolina prefers the 'burbs.

Oh, yeah, and if you just ignore a ghost, will it go away?

Disclosure: I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Suzanne Barbetta. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.
Left alone with her books is all she wants...That is all Carolina wants. 
But, she hastily packs up her family and moved to Atlanta after she found condoms in her daughter’s purse.
Next Stop, Chancey is escapist fiction at its best. 
This story, told from the mother’s point of view, chronicles the family's time in Chancey, a small town in the mountains of Georgia. The story escalates when a southern bell starts chatting on about an apparition and Carolina’s bed and breakfast. 
Full of southern humor, this book is a pleasant escape from my go-to genres. It reminds me of a southern cozy mystery, with characters similar to, though not exactly like, those seen in books by Miranda James.  
Next Stop, Chancey boasts full, round characters, complete with typical personalities one would encounter in a small southern town. 
The narrator, Suzanne, is quite charming. She narrates Carolina’s feelings in such a moving manner that I was able “feel” her emotions. Her vocal intonations are exceptional. Her pacing perfectly matches the tone of the story. 
Underneath the exquisite production and well-developed story line, lies a truth that women need to understand. This domesticated life in which we live -- full of children, husbands, housekeeping, jobs, blogs, etc. -- can have us so wrapped up in the superficiality of life. If we allow this to happen, we will continue to only live on the life’s surface. In fact, Carolina was doing just that. As you see in the synopsis, there is a town ghost. But, what you will see, upon reading or listening to the story, is that what we see in front of us is, quite often, not really WHAT we think we see. This same truth applies to what she found in her daughter’s purse and the reason behind its presence. 
Kay created an insightful tale about one woman’s domestic life. Tucked neatly inside and hovering over the plot, a lesson looms. Carolina teaches us to not make our beds on the surface of life, while sipping delicious coffee and making hasty decisions based on what we think we see. In Carolina’s case, her hasty decision to uproot her family turned out ok, or did it? We will have to read the rest of series to find out how things turn out in Chancey, Georgia. 
This is a five-star audiobook for me ! 

EXCERPT from Next Stop, Chancey:

About the Author

“A new voice in Southern Fiction” is how a recent reviewer labeled Kay Dew Shostak’s debut novel, Next Stop, Chancey. Kay grew up in the South, then moved around the country raising a family. Always a reader, being a writer was a dream she cultivated as a journalist and editor at a small town newspaper in northern Illinois. “Next Stop, Chancey”, published in 2015, was the first in the series set in the small, imaginary town of Chancey, Georgia. The fifth book in the series, “Kids are Chancey” will be released August 2017. Seeing the familiar and loved from new perspectives led Kay to write about the absurd, the beautiful, and the funny in her South in both her fiction and non-fiction. Visit Kay’s website at kaydewshostak.com to sign up for her newsletter and to read more about her journey. Kay is also on Facebook and twitter. All four Chancey books (along with the first in a new series set in Florida) are available on Amazon in print and eBook.


About the Narrator

Suzanne Barbetta is a Jersey girl, a blue collar kid from Jersey City who binged on B-Movie Musicals and Godzilla flicks as a kid. She became a voracious reader when she realized the magic of books allowed her to become anyone, anywhere, and in any world. A storyteller and performer since the age of 5, she later apprenticed at 2 regional theaters earned her union card and became a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. She’s worked in theater, indie films and commercial voiceover. Audiobooks are a way to satisfy her pathological addiction to reading. Now based in NYC, she is also the voice of the Fierce, Funny, Fab Fangirls of the new Serial Box Publishing audio series, Geek Actually.



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