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A dishonored swordsman running from his past. A city shrouded in dark magic. An antihero born.

Series: Corruption Cycle, Book One
Adam Vine
Narrator: Kevin Meyer
Publisher: Lilydog Books
Publication Date: July 18, 2017
Listening Length: 13 hours 57 minutes
Genre: Dark Fantasy
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A dishonored swordsman running from his past.

A city shrouded in dark magic.

An antihero born.

Daniel Harper was champion, until a single mistake destroyed his fencing career forever. With nothing left to lose, he flees to Eastern Europe, where he can start over... where he can be someone else.

In the exotic, lantern-lit crevices of a nameless city, Daniel meets two people who open very different kinds of doors than the ones he is searching for: the troubled flower girl Kashka, who holds the key to a nightmarish otherworld; and the enigmatic street magician and self-professed love tourist Ink, who has the power to bend others to his will.

As Daniel plummets into a downward spiral of hedonism and dereliction, he is tormented by macabre visions of a frozen world in endless darkness where an evil tyrant has stolen the sun, where humanity's remnants fight to scrape out a cruel existence underground, and wandering spirits inhabit the bodies of the recently deceased. Daniel is doomed to return to this Night Country every time he falls into a deep sleep. But the longer he spends there, the more Daniel realizes his curse is anything but an accident....

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Adam Vine. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Nestled within the brilliant prose of this book lies a story of one man's battle with corruption, since “men are, above all things, playful beings" and  "are not merely born for games, fighting, war, love, sex, in fact, need them to live and thrive.”

We meet Dan, who dreams he is a Visitor in a “dark, frozen” place called the Night Country, where “people are forced to live in tunnels” thanks the thievery of an evil king. Beleaguered with tragedies, the Vermin have united to defeat the evil king.

At first, I was taken aback by the length and the “spiraling” plot. Then, at about 48% the story changes. It is if suddenly a light was turned on and I began to see the story in a different light.

The story reminded me of the structure of Dante’s Inferno. However, unlike The Inferno, there are 8 shrines within the burrow. There are serious politics, and prisoners of such, residing in “Undercity” wherein lies the crux of this story. Where the vermin are in control of a world created by greed, Dan enters a deeper level thanks to the Spiral. "Wild breath scorched my lungs" as I continued to listen to the text. The longer I listened the greater a "furious rhythm pounded inside my skull."

Flawed as all humans are, Corruption presents an interesting premise --  “the fall is inevitable, the shadow ever falling over the horizon. You can’t escape it, nor should you try.”  Vine presents a thought-provoking tale, leaving areas open for speculation and wonder by the listener. Some ends are left untidied, yet those ends do not affect the overall story. Vine, accompanied with a skilled narrator, builds a unique and varied world. Wielding his voice and personifying the story’s characters, the narrator grasps Vine’s vision for an ambiguous society where the sides of the table are turned.

Dark is the best word to describe this story.

Character development: 9/10

Plot development: 8/10

Quality of production: 10/10

Well-paced: 7/10

Thought provoking: 9/10

Entertaining: 7/10

Enjoyable: 8/10

Overall – 58/70 == 82.8% = 4.1/5.0 stars

About the author

Adam Vine was born in Northern California. By day, he is a game writer and designer. He has lived in four countries and visited thirty. He is the author of two novels and many short stories. When he is not writing, he is traveling, reading something icky, or teaching himself to play his mandolin. He currently lives in Germany.

About the narrator

Kevin Meyer is a devoted Midwesterner, raised in rural Wisconsin and transplanted to Tulsa, Oklahoma over three decades ago. A career-long voice-over and music radio guy, his iPhone playlist ranges from Alice Cooper and Waylon Jennings to Twenty One Pilots and The Zac Brown Band. Favorite reads are dominated by political biographies (Lincoln, Truman, Kennedy)... and Stephen King.


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