#BookReview -- A Sister's Secret by Cydney Rax

A Sister's Secret
Series:The Reeves Sisters, Book 1
Cydney Rax
Publisher: Dafina
Publication Date: February 27, 2018
Number of Pages: 321
ASIN: B071J6D35W
Genre: Women's Fiction
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Book Review
Propelled by the dying wish of the family's matriarch, each Reeves sister vows to remain close by getting together in an innovative manner - a bi-monthly Sister's Day.

Regardless of the piquant assignments given at each meeting, neither sister is truly transparent. This lack of sheer honesty becomes a pressure cooker for demons, lurking beneath the perfectly crafted fa├žades, leading to devastating results.

Rax has a way of reaching out in a manner that bridges the abyss between author and reader, where she offers a gentle embrace. This literary gift, a momentary bonding of the souls, left me overwrought, suddenly understanding the deadly power of family secrets and the undying strength of genuine sisterhood.

Translating into a mesmerizing, page-turning, stay-up-all-night read, A Sister’s Secret crossed the chasm of a mirage of topics that resonated with me. I was able to see pieces of myself in each sister…particularly Elyse.

At times the story is light and funny. Other times, it is like an intense expressionist painting depicting the pain and emotional distress of the women and their hidden secrets. In crafting such vivid tale, Rax soars above the genre for which she is best known. That she can portray five black women in a realistic story, while not yielding to sensationalism and exaggeration, driven equally by strong characters and masterfully crafted plots is nothing short of genius.

As a whole, this strongly executed work serves as a powerful reminder of what true sisterhood means and the unyielding importance of the female connection. In probing the lives and circumstances of Alita, Burgundy, Coco, Drucilla, and Elyse, Rax has produced a story that will resonate with a wide range of women, regardless of race or marital status.


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