Informational Post - How to Disinfect Your Used or Borrowed Books [ 2020 Discussion Challenge - #11]

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In the wake of the COVID-19, avid library patrons have likely raided their public libraries prior to their closure. Moreover, some people may hit the Goodwill or local used book store to stock up on reading materials for themselves and the little ones. This post will share some articles that speak to the proper way, should you choose to do so, disinfect used or borrow library books.

Who this post is for: Little Library users, used book store customers, and library patrons

Post #1 - 5-Minute Librarian

To Clean or Not To Clean: The Library Book Question

Recently shared on Facebook is a fascinating video of a library cleaning every item returned to the Children's Department. I watched it in awe - wow, who has the time and staff to do all of that cleaning? (Here's the video, if you would like to see it.)
Key Takeaway - Viruses can last on books, especially plastic covers, for days depending on the virus. The link in the post did not reference books.

Post #2 - Go Alexandria

How to Keep Your Library Clean During Cold and Flu Season - Alexandria Library Automation Software

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Key Takeaways
How to remove germs from books

Post #3 - Little Library Post

Best Practices at Little Free Libraries During the Coronavirus Outbreak - Little Free Library

With concerns around COVID-19 on the rise, we wanted to share information with you, our valued stewards and supporters, about best practices at Little Free Library book-sharing boxes. We asked Little Free Library steward Dr. Teena Chopra, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Wayne State University in Detroit, to share her advice.
Key Takeaways
  • Use hand sanitizer each time you use the library
  • Clean books with a microfiber cloth
  • Clean the library with disinfectant wipes
The Literary Apothecary, who is also a licensed Maryland pharmacist, recommends:
  1. Use hand sanitizer before touching the books in the library or stores
  2. After you make your selection and checkout, consider wiping them down as described on the Little Library Post
Remember! - Cleaning removes the viruses and bacteria from surfaces, but disinfecting kills them!
(Source: personal knowledge and CNN Health)

Your TURN: What are you doing to disinfect your books?

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