Reading With White Noise

Are you easily distracted?

Let’s find out. 

While reading, do you:

  1. Read the same line over again, without realizing it
  2. Daydream
  3. Begin drafting a to-do list
  4. Ask those around you to lower their voices
  5. Watch television or listen to the radio
  6. Notice other sounds, such as birds, coughing, trains, or your own breathing

If you answered yes, you are not alone. Quite often, even the most voracious reader experiences minor distractions. Without an intervention, some are not able to finish their selected book.

Emerson Spartz, founder and CEO of Spartz Media, recommends listening to white noise. This simple intervention allowed him to read at a quicker pace. He even states it can help you read 30% to 200% faster.

There are white noise apps on Android and Apple. There is also simplynoise (, where you can listen to different noise “colors” right from your computer. 

Happy Reading!