Book Review Policy

I am NOT currently accepting unsolicited fiction and non-fiction books for review.

General information

I DO NOT accept physical copies of books. I  only accept electronic ARCs and finished works.

(If you happen to have my mailing address and send physical books, I retain the right to NOT REVIEW them.)


I DEVOUR books in the following genres:
  1. African-American fiction (any genre)
  2. Mysteries and thrillers, particularly academic mysteries.
  3. Women's fiction (with minimal sex scenes)
  4. Graphic novels (any genre)

Policy For Accepting Books

If I accept a book for review, that does guarantee a fair and honest review. However, if for some reason I decide not to finish the book, a review will not be posted. In lieu of a review, I will post a spotlight. 

Procedure For Requesting a Book Review

  1. Submit a formal request using the Contact Form 
  2. Include the following: a complete synopsis, author's name, and title of the book
Upon receipt of your request, I will contact you if I am interested in reviewing your book. 

  • Upon acceptance of your book, you will be asked send a mobi file, author media kit, and book media kit/sell sheet.
  • Ratings WILL ONLY be posted on Goodreads and Amazon. (If I am totally crazy about the book, I will post a review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and WorldCat. Otherwise, I will only post a review on my blog.)
  • An excerpt from the review can be used as an editorial review on Amazon (with permission) and a byline is requested. 
  • I retain ALL rights to the review. 
  • Harassment of any kind will lead to your book NOT being reviewed. (Examples of harassment: repeated emails asking for an update and private messages on Goodreads asking for an update.)

Review Time 

 6-8 weeks, maybe more. (Why? See the note below!)

NOTE: I read by mood. Sometimes I follow my calendar. But, there are those times I read based on the topic and how I am feeling at the moment. Further, I review books from many sources, including library books (personal and public).

Review Structure

**Updated 10/14/2018 -- Sometimes, I will follow the structure below. However, I review as I read - based on my mood. If a book can be summed up in a few words, then, so be it! ***

While the majority of my reviews are literary critiques, there will be those works who do not lend themselves to such an in-depth analysis. For these works, my review will be written in conversational prose. 

Reviews MAY include the following:
  1. Title, Author, Series (if applicable), Publisher, Publication Date, and Genre
  2. Identification of the thesis and whether the author has achieved stated purpose
  3. Summary of the work
  4. Statement of strengths (optional, at my discretion)
  5. Analysis of the work's role in current literary trends and societal issues (optional, at my discretion)
  6. Assessment of the work and its real life application (optional, at my discretion)
  7. Rating (if requested) - (Explanation: Ratings are very subjective and can cause some readers to bypass titles.)
  8. Where the book can be purchased
  9. Goodreads link (optional)
  10. Author bio and relevant social media links

Author Guest Posts and Interviews

**Updated 10/14/2018: Most of the guest posts and interviews are features from Book Tour companies.**

I accept "form" guest posts, where the content has already been posted on other blogs.

If you would like to be featured on The Literary Apothecary, please email me with the following information:
  1. Your name 
  2. Name of your book
  3. A brief description of your book 
  4. Preference for guest post or interview
  5. Topic
  6. Month you would like to be featured**
  7. If you would like to include a giveaway

** Interviews and guest posts are scheduled in advance. 

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