A Purr-fect Murder

Curiosity Thrilled The Cat
Author: Sofie Kelly

A "magical cats mystery" is exactly what drew me to this book. Having two cats who do odd things at times, I began to wonder if my own cats were magical. Ok, Ashley and Sprinkles are just mischievous.   

As the story begins, we learn Kathleen Paulson left her life in Boston behind to be head librarian in Mayville Heights, Minnesota. She could not have predicted how her life would change. Soon she is “adopted” by two magical felines: Owen  and Hercules. All too soon murder interrupts the small town's music festival and Kathleen finds herself right in the middle of the case. The story unfolds nicely as Kathleen begins to accept her gut feeling that Owen and Hercules are magical. 

  1. Questioning one’s intuition 
  2. Not wanting to see reality

The Literary Apothecary recommends this book for
  1. Those dealing with workplace sabotage by a coworker or boss
  2. Those questioning their own “gut feeling”

Side Effects
  1. May begin wondering about feline mystical abilities
  2. May not trust the local electrician
  3. May think twice when plugging in the vacuum cleaner, especially in an old building