Book Review: Be Light by Samuel Rodriguez

Written with the overarching goal of providing "a blueprint for overcoming darkness and living in God's light", Be Light is a good book for daily devotional use. 

Broken down into easily digestible chapters, Pastor Rodriguez uses scientific examples to explain the nature, laws, attributes, and power of light. He parallels the very existence of light around us and within us. 

Giving "practical and spiritual, emotional and relational steps", the author has woven, though not evenly, concepts of physics and thermodynamics into the fabric of Christianity with the thread of being "the light of the world". 
While making great strides and sharing the "laws and properties of light", the author helps Christians understand the parallels between the magnificent qualities of light and the charge of the Christian: to "be light".

The end of chapter "reflections", while not a summary, provides interesting content for the reader to meditate on.

The author tells the reader to embark on the "be light" journey for 30 days. The book can be read in one sitting, which is what I suggest. I tried to read a chapter a day and found it difficult. 

I would recommend it to my Christian friends who find science interesting and who have the ability to focus intently while reading. Why the need for intense focus? Well, the book is dense and difficult to follow unless you are focused on the content and able to link the science to the biblical principle, which is not always explicitly stated.