Diary Entry #3

7:51 AM 3/10/2017

Sometimes I wonder about the best way to select books. Often, I just peruse the shelves and select whatever catches my eye. This has led
me to a reading and reviewing slump. How can I review a book I really didn't care for? That is definitely not fair to prospective readers. Moreover, how do I review a book that was poorly edited AND had a storyline that, in my opinion, was not developed? (I must explore my thoughts on this another day.)

Back to my original thought: how do I curate my reading?

The key to this answer is CHOICE. How I choose to spend my time selecting stories to read is critical. I am a highly sensitive person. I feel everything. Perhaps I can develop a strategy for curating novels and other literature.

Off the very top of head, here are five things I may try.

1. Change my thinking

This sounds simple, but it really means developing a different perspective on reading. Right now, I simply read to review. This is NOT a good thing.  I must find my "reading joy" again. I lost it somewhere along the journey of becoming a reviewer. I must stop thinking about the time frame for submitting book reviews and resist treating it like a job. In other words, I must shift my focus and realign my priorities.

2. Look for more opportunities to beta read and acquire ARCs

Currently, I use some of the popular resources to acquire and review ARCs. An author friend suggested I look into beta reading. Needless to say, I am dragging my manicured toes in the proverbial sand. Is it fear? I am not sure. However, I need to open my eyes and look for other opportunities to meet and read different authors. Sadly, most of the authors I have met are quite demanding and ask constant questions, which is a major turnoff and serious distraction.  I will have to think more (=continue dragging my feet on making a decision) about beta reading.

3. Replace a movie with a book

Lately, I have been in the mood for horror flicks. If I take this desire and flip it, I may find books with themes for the movies I desire to watch.

4. Set a "research" alarm and limit on curated titles

I am sure I will get carried way during my research for new reading.

5. Simply pick better books

Since I enjoy applying literary theory and criticism to the books I read, perhaps I need to refrain from reading mainstream fiction. I really don't want to because I strongly believe some of the books would serve as excellent tools in the classroom. Yet, between you and me, some of them suck. (yea...I know that wasn't the most intelligent word.) I mean some of them are complete trash.

I may try some of these things. Or, I may continue to allow myself to fall into a literary void of utter nonsense and review the ones I feel the world may enjoy.

Talk with you later.