Diary Entry #4

9:01 AM 3/17/2017
Diary Entry #4

Well, it is Friday. I haven't really had much to say...ok, that's a lie. I was busy spotlighting authors, reading books, and writing reviews.

You know, blogging about books is time consuming. I mean I have to not only read the book, but I have to
1. Write about it
2. Rate it
3. Find images (or cheat and just let Goodreads post it for me)

And, if you read my reviews, I don't shy away from applying literary criticism and delving deeply into a story. This takes loads of my time!

Oh well...it is what it is and I enjoy it.

But, what I don't enjoy is having to review books that I didn't like!!!

See, this isn't fair for the author or prospective readers. Take for example, Own It. I am not enjoying this book at all and for many reasons. How should I rate it? What do I say in the review? These are the questions that actually tip me over the edge.

Next, Around The Way Girl is not as enjoyable as I thought. Call me what you want...I think she is ghetto.

WAIT!!! I just realized why she is writing the book. She is clearly a typecast actor!!  Ok...so you already knew this.

Damn...OK Taraji...time to cut this diary entry short. Off to finish her book. Can't wait to review this book!!

Talk with you later.