The Literary Letdown - Books I Felt Betrayed By

Have you ever read a book that just let you down?

My friend Erica (click her name to check out her literary blog) has an awesome post today about five books that let her down.

Well, I am going to share 5 books that have left me wondering, and a little enraged, to this day.

Authors work hard to craft (a word I am so tired of hearing) stories to entertain and educate. Sadly, a few fall short. I even stopped reading some and ran to find reviews to make sure I wasn’t crazy or overly critical. Well, some people must have been reading a different book!! Or, maybe The Literary Apothecary is just a bi$%^!

--Beware the Ides of March! What books (or characters) did you feel betrayed by, for whatever reason...big or small. 

Book 1: Surviving The Cove

Author: Tabitha Sharpe

Cause of Betrayal: Horrendous editing, jumping timeline, and serious cliffhanger.

Resulting Emotion: Rage!

Notes: I really wanted to enjoy this book and rate it highly. Sadly, it got 2 stars from me. I mean, the cover is beautiful! 

Book 2: Cheaper To Keep Her 5 

Author: Kiki Swinson

Cause of Betrayal: CLIFFHANGER!!!!

Resulting Emotion: Screaming

Notes: Now I must go to the library and obtain books 1-4 and waiting patiently for book 6!! Five star book, in spite of my emotional response!

Book 3: ILL WILL

Author: Dan Chaon

Cause of Betrayal: Pages full of musings by a therapist that were often philosophical as well as stupid.

Resulting Emotion: Confusion 

Notes: I so wanted to enjoy this literary thriller. I gave it 3 stars. Will re-read later!

Book 4: Negroland

Author: Margo Jefferson

Cause of Betrayal: Facts were wrong!

Resulting Emotion: Sheer sadness and slow tears

Notes: When I went to read the articles and look at magazine covers the author cited, I found out they were incorrect. In spite of this, I still admire her and enjoyed the book. 4 stars!

Book 5: The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend 

Author: Katarina Bivald

Cause of Betrayal: The readers never recommended anything! It was just Sara!!

Resulting Emotion: Sigh…

Notes: Nice book. Reminded me of The Little Paris Bookshop. I am still deciding how to rate this!