Book Review: Dangerous Consequences by Lisa Renee Johnson

Paperback, 320 pages
Published April 25th 2017 by Kensington


Dubbed the “Sex Doctor” on his local radio show, psychologist Donathan James advises callers on their sexual issues. With his gorgeous and brilliant neurosurgeon wife, Sydney, at home and women flirting with the hot doctor everywhere he goes, Donathan is living the high life. But when he wakes up naked and drugged in a hotel room, with no memory of the evening before, the doctor suddenly has problems of his own.Soon, Donathan’s sexy stalker is sending him photographic evidence of what they did that night, turning up in his office to rant about her unstable past, and demanding they meet again and again. All Donathan wants is his life back—and for his wife not to find out. But when the relentless stranger goes too far, it leads him to discover his beloved wife has secrets of her own. Now, to save their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. James will have to hold on tight to survive the bumpiest ride of their lives.

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LA Review

Johnson presents a vivid tale, though hardly new, of love, betrayal, and vapid adultery. Infidelity, mistresses, and revenge is a time-tested theme. From Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, to Updike’s Couples, the deep insights into adulterous behavior and its consequences have graced library shelves for decades. Yet, Johnson, in this re-released work, adds the much needed layer to an age-old dilemma. With completely developed characters and a multi-layered storyline, this novel is highly engaging until the very end.
The story is entirely plot-driven by the interaction of the main characters and the characterization of adultery as the antagonist.  Each character's actions are completely understood, as the reader becomes acquainted with their world.

Disclosure: I received a digital ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



About the Author

LISA RENEE JOHNSON is an author, foodie and closet mixologist! After co-founding and running a book club for almost two decades, Lisa Renee took the plunge into the world of fiction writing with her debut novel Dangerous Consequences. Lisa Renee also captured the country's attention with the hashtag #laughingwhileblack that ignited a media firestorm and prompted global conversations about race, power, privilege and bias. In addition to writing, Lisa Renee, a self-proclaimed Sunshineologist, created the I Got Sunshine movement to inspire women to define success and happiness on their terms. A true sunshine girl at heart, Lisa Renee was born in Florida, reared in Texas and now resides in Northern California with her family. Her highly anticipated follow-up novel Surviving the Chase, will hit the shelves soon.