Book Review: A Fatal Cell Phone Video by Gary Reed

Paperback 404 pages
Publisher: Top Quark Publishing Co. 
Publication Date: July 24, 2016

Rafiq A. Medawar, M.D., is a rakishly handsome young surgeon. When the police find the body of his wife, Ann, in a park overlooking the Ohio River, they also discover a video on her cell phone. It shows him going into a sleazy inn with an attractive young nurse.

The prosecutor sees in the video evidence that Rafiq was having an affair. He concludes Ann confronted Rafiq, and he killed her.

Ann was taking a documentary-making class. Her classmates believe the video was part of the class project.

Ann's best friend has her own, darker theory.

Can Devin Garner, a brilliant young attorney from the wrong side of town, discover why the video led to Ann's murder and win an acquittal for an innocent man?

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An attorney, inexperienced in capital murder cases, defends a handsome trauma surgeon falsely accused of murdering his wife. The only tangible proof of his innocence is an iPhone video his wife made as a part of a class assignment.  

An eager colleague, with a penchant for anti-immigration policies,  has his eyes set on securing political fame. Misinformed of the physician’s citizenship status, he makes an assumption that sets the stage for the downfall of all involved. 

 With twists and turns commonly seen in legal thrillers, Reed crafted a story revealing secret after deadly secret. With each chilling detail revealed, the final explanation for the video puts everyone involved in the spotlight. 

He beautifully weaved themes of injustice in a way that make the reader keenly aware of the dire need for social change. This story appears to be pulled from the headlines. With statements from recent events, the story taps into the effect of the Make America Great Again rallies and the use of public cell phone video recordings. At a time when politicians are inciting racial violence and segregation, this story is sure to make the average American think twice about current political events. 

I highly recommend this book for John Grisham fans. 

Loyal fans of Lisa Scottoline and Jodi Picoult may also like this book.

Disclosure: I received an ARC from Reading Deals in exchange for an honest review


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For the reader looking for a smart, suspenseful novel set against the background of some of today’s cutting-edge medical and legal issues, The Blockbuster Drug may be the right prescription. 

Spencer Doss, M.D., the new medical director for a major health plan, stumbles onto what he believes are too many cases of a rare cancer in older patients taking the latest blockbuster drug. For help, he turns to Eileen Wang, the health plan’s in-house counsel assigned to his market. Wang has other issues on her plate – a cyber intrusion and an insider-trading investigation – but finds herself wondering why so many seniors are taking the drug. Maya Naidu, the programmer whose data mining unearthed the excess cases of the cancer in patients taking the drug, returns home to Hyderabad to be at her mother’s death bed. In Shanghai, the police are investigating a bribery scheme by a major drug company. Hired to represent one of the drug’s victims. 
Hotshot young-attorney Devin Garner doesn’t have the resources to litigate with a giant drug company. Should he sue the health plan for failure to warn the health plan’s members of the blockbuster’s deadly side effects?

Gary Reed draws on his extensive legal experience in his writing. He practiced law in a large law firm and later in an in-house capacity. Throughout his career, he managed litigation and investigations across the country.

He has always been interested in writing. He wrote for edited his high school and college newspapers and penned a number of professional articles in his areas of legal specialty. 

Gary relies on a robust network of beta readers to make sure his works are easy to read and enjoyable. He is also an active participant in two writers groups.