Book Review: The Unraveling by Sarah Northwood

Kindle, 134 pages
Published March 10th 2017
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A gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked till the end. 

Jennifer Ranger's life is finally heading in the right direction. Her teaching job gives her the power to make a real difference in her students’ lives, and her relationship with her boyfriend, Greg, is better than ever. 

After a long, exhausting day, Jennifer heads out to find the last thing she ever expected under the windshield wiper of her car. Life quickly starts to unravel and she’s plunged into a world of paranoia and darkness. 

Will Jennifer ever emerge from this new life of fear, or will she lose everything? 

Out of the ashes, a killer rises.... 

The main character is learning to master his emotions surrounding the horrific death of his mother and the mental and physical abuse from his father. With an unnatural yearning for blood and retribution, he falls into the hands of a therapist who has been relentlessly working on a clandestine psychological experiment.

Each character is skillfully developed throughout the story. The Unraveling tells the story of several characters who meet at various points in their lives. The reader sees the connections between each character as the story unfolds, simultaneously experiencing immense tension. While the pacing was not smooth, it did allow the reader to understand and connect with the internal motivation of each character and the impending doom sure to transpire. 

With meticulous plot design and exquisite detail, The Unraveling escorts the reader into the mind of a young man and witnesses the dark side of the psychology profession. This noir tale drops the reader into an impressive psychologically thrilling abyss filled with unpredictable encounters.


Sarah Northwood, grew up in a small town in Cheshire. As a child, she had a love of animals and music. After a career in pharmaceutical research, and starting a family, she became inspired to realise her dream of becoming a writer. 

Her love of music continues, often composing melodies to accompany poetry pieces that she also writes. 

Her two children are a constant source of inspiration, motivation and perspiration.

In addition she works part time at a local school and has a trusty dog companion to accompany her on writing adventures.


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