Release Blitz: Insidious Sins by C.D. Blue

Author: C.D. Blue
Release Date: April 22, 2017

Annette felt like Cinderella. She dreamt of this time so many times and for it to become a reality was magical.

Annette Glass was engaged to the man of her dreams, her dream of a college degree was in sight, and she was happy! When she met James “Jay” Darrington she never imagined how much her life would change. He had fulfilled every promise he made, including the one that changed her from ‘side-chick’ to fiancĂ©e!

Jay’s ex-wife Elaine was not as happy as Annette about the turn of events and she has tried all tricks to get her husband back.

When Jay and Elaine’s son Malik ran away, the lives of all three changed drastically. Jay is forced to reevaluate decisions he’s made, and Annette is faced with harsh truths about what will truly make her happy.

For Mature Audiences Only.

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About the Author

C.D. Blue discovered her love of books at an early age.  An avid reader, her vivid imagination made books take her to places she could only imagine.

In middle school she began writing poems, and her first novel was written 14 years before ever being published.  Self-doubt and fears plagued her on her first attempt.  Once she began writing as therapy for stress, she dusted off that first novel to share with the world.

We are all glad she did!  When she is not writing, she works full time and enjoys reading (Of course), and spending time with her family.