Armchair Book Expo - Introduction

 Armchair Book Expo

Armchair Book Expo Mission Statement

Armchair Book Expo
is the experience for book bloggers to participate in Book Expo from the comfort of their homes. This experience is created lovingly by book bloggers specifically for our peers who for whatever reason are not able to participate in the main conference in New York each year. We bring publishers, authors, and bloggers together in celebrating our love for all things literary by hosting celebrations such as sneak peeks, daily discussion topics, and sponsored giveaways. 

Here is a brief introduction, based on the questions provided here

I am . . . a pharmacist who loves to read, review, and promote books

Currently . . . I am bouncing off my seat with excitement sheer joy from this event

I love . . . coffee, perhaps a little too much

My favorite . . . genre is crime and mysteries

My least favorite . . . genre is romance. I feel voyeuristic when reading love scenes. 

My current read . . . Seducing Abby Rhodes by J.D. Mason 

My summer plans . . . still thinking about this!

My buddy . . . is a beautiful German Shepherd named Charles

My blog/channel/social media . . . Twitter -

The best . . . thing I ever did was start blogging about books!

See you later with another post on Best Practices in the Online Book Community!

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