Best Practices in the Online Book Community - Armchair Book Expo

Armchair Book Expo 2017

1. Understand the value of the blogosphere and what it provides to you and your audience

The online book community is vast and one can become overwhelmed easily. However, there is a lot of support. Understanding the support available will increase your confidence and provide you with an arsenal of tools.  This confidence will allow you engage your audience and yield tremendous value

2. Define what “value” and "engagement" mean and how you will ensure you obtain optimal "engagement" and yield “value” to your audience

Do you want likes, shares, or comments? Your social media strategy will vary depending on your personal "engagement" goal.

With respect to “value”, do you want to promote new releases, write reviews, or both. Your content curation strategy will depend on how you define “value”.

3. Start small

You will hear suggestions regarding web hosting and domain names. Ignore it! Start where you are with what you have. Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr are great options for beginners!

4. Scale your book blog organically

When you start small, you can learn and master the habits of this multiverse we call the blogosphere! Then, you will be able to take these lessons and watch your blog evolve into something greater than you ever imagined.  Perhaps, you imagine having your own domain and a blog that brings in $500-$1000 a week from advertising and book sales! When you adhere to #3, you can scale your blog effectively, effortlessly, and efficiently.

Once you understand the value of the book blogging community, define your optimal "engagement" stats, and determine the “value” you wish to provide, you will be able to take the small lessons and develop a phenomenal blog. Next, if you leverage what you have (a smartphone, laptop, and books), you will learn the rope and watch your blog evolve.

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